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Legal services

Law firm Muzikář & Partners provides complex legal services for clients.

Possible forms of cooperation in providing legal services:

  • advice and representation in individual cases - one time consultations in a particular case, drafting of a contract, legal analysis or a study, representation in dealing with the opponent in a dispute, in a court proceedings or an arbitration
  • lump-sum provision of legal services - a more consistent cooperation between the client and the law firm, which is used especially by average or major businessmen and is practised as provision of a concluded amount of legal services for an agreed lump sum which is payed in regular terms. This form of cooperation enables us to provide a complex legal service for businessmen in the form of advisory, document drafting or representation in courts, arbitrations and other authoritative proceedings.

Types of provided legal services:

  • legal advisory and consultations
  • contract drafting
  • legal audit (complex or fragmental analysis of legal documentation and legal relations which the client is a party to)
  • contractual securitization of the clients claims also with the aim to prevent law suits, drafts of out-of-court conciliations
  • composing written legal studies and analyses, especially in complicated legal cases
  • legal analysis of the client´s claims and obligations stemming from contracts, damage liabilities and other legal relations
  • legal representation in dealing with the opponent or the client´s business partner
  • legal representation in court proceedings, including the strategy in the proceedings, writing of law suits, statements, appeals and other legal claims or expressions, attendance in the court proceedings
  • legal representation in arbitrations - similarly as in court proceedings, with regard to the specifics of the arbitration
  • legal representation in execution proceedings, including writing the incitation for an execution order, law suits to exclude an asset from the execution
  • defence in criminal law issues
  • legal representation in administrative proceedings, dealing with the state´s authorities or other institutions
  • legal representation in administrative court proceedings
  • legal debt collection of the client´s receivables - more information in Areas of legal services
  • company training in a selected legal matter according to the clients requirements

Additional services:

  • attorney´s custody of finances and documents
  • declaration of a signature´s authenticity and genuineness

Our law firm also ensures connected services of our external cooperating experts, especially in the following areas:

  • auditing services
  • accounts and tax advisory
  • court executors
  • court experts and expert institutions
  • notary services
  • court interpreters and translators
  • auctioneers

In addition our law firm offers to its clients ensuring the arbitrations services.

Additional information:

Furthermore, we provide legal services in full range in the Slovak Republic, where JUDr. Vladimír Muzikář operates as the so called settled euro-attorney.

Due to current legislation we would like to inform you, that the competent ADR entity for out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes connected with providing of legal services is from 5.2.2016 the Czech Bar Association. For further information, please visit the website of the Czech Bar Association

30 years on the market

Law firm Muzikář & Partners has been operating on the legal services market for 30 years.

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Debt collection

Verified debt recovery system, including complex debt management.

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We offer to provide training for your employees and associates in any field of law.

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Our Law firm has been supporting socially beneficial activities for a long time.

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