Civil law

  • contractual civil law - drafts and analyses of various contracts
  • real estate transfers - sale, purchase, donation of houses, land and flats or apartments, attending to the input of the ownership in the Cadastral Register
  • co-ownership of real estates - abolishment and settlement of the co-ownership
  • settlement of the marital common property
  • collateral and other laws
  • rent of flats, apartments and other non-residential premises
  • cunsumer contracts
  • immaterial estate and intellectual property law (authorship, trademarks, personal privacy protection)
  • damage liabilities - claiming the damage liabilities of property and health, representation when dealing with insurance companies, damage liabilities against the state (caused by an improper administrative procedure or illegal decision)
  • unjust enrichment claims
  • inheritance law - advisory with regard to inheritance law, representation in the inheritance proceedings
  • advisory for housing associations

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